Medical Device and Diagnostic Regulatory Breakout

  • On: January 26, 2015 at 1:00AM
  • Category: Conferences

The Food and Drug Administration has openly commented on its objective to become more of a proponent and less of an obstacle for innovative pharmaceuticals and medical devices to enter the marketplace. However, the life science industry still views the regulatory approval process as a difficult path to navigate due to stringent requirements for clinical data, lengthy approval timelines and a lack of transparency from the FDA. To improve the relationship between manufacturers and the agency, a collaborative environment must be fostered through effective communication and an understanding of FDA's plans for transforming regulatory pathways into a catalyst for medical innovation.

Medical Device & Diagnostic Regulatory Breakout

  • -Impact of Innovation Initiative within CDRH
  • -Promoting innovation through high quality clinical science
  • -Communication efficiency to reduce reviewer inconsistencies and speed up approvals
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