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  • David (Ivy Sports) Beats Goliath (FDA)

    • Authored by: Mark DuVal
    • Published on: September 26, 2014

    Executive summary

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    FDA again misjudged its strength and position in the little principled warrior, Ivy Sports Medicine, LLC, whose predecessor was ReGen Biologics, came out victorious.

    In this epic battle Ivy Sports is a small company, seemingly ill-equipped to do battle with the giant, FDA. But Ivy Sports stood up to FDA and knocked it down and out by winning a landmark case in the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

  • Open Letter To Office Of Device Evaluation Director Christy Foreman

    • Authored by: Mark DuVal
    • Published on: July 22, 2014

    Dear Ms. Foreman,

    Executive summary

    I wanted to follow-up on our telephone last meeting of June 16, 2014, with one of my clients who will remain unnamed in this public document. Let me first thank you for granting us that meeting which we took as a conference call not a face-to-face meeting. As you recall, we tried to explain our position on FDA's review of their 510(k) submission for which an NSE was issued on the grounds it allegedly raised different questions of safety and effectiveness.

  • 510(k)s/IDEs: The New Normal?

    • Authored by: Mark DuVal
    • Published on: January 1, 2012

    As many of you have encountered by now, FDA is not exactly shy when it comes to requesting clinical data for 510(k)s. Requests for clinical data are becoming the norm, rather than the exception. Today CDRH has a stag e-gating approach to the review of 510(k)s. They first review the file to determine if it meets the criteria for a 510(k), i.e. is there is a predicate, does the subject device have the same intended use and technological characteristics. If there are different technological characteristics, do they raise"new types" of questions of safety and effectiveness? If FDA review staff believe s you do not meet these 510(k) criteria, they send a letter stating that they have not reviewed the file substantively be cause FDA believes you do not (may not) qualify for the 510(k) pathway.

  • CMS Publishes Proposed Rule For Physician Payment Sunshine Act

    • Authored by: Mark DuVal
    • Published on: December 20, 2011
    Important News
    CMS finally published a Proposed Rule for the Physician Payment Sunshine Act (the "Act"), which was passed last year. The Proposed Rule was initially due by October 1, a deadline CMS missed.

    All 121 pages of the Proposed Rule are located here:

    We have attempted to break the Proposed Rule down to save you some time! Please call us if you need help preparing for the new law.

    Companies that fail to report are subject to fines ranging from $1000-10,000 per occurrence for unintentional conduct and $10,000-$100,000 for intentional conduct.
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