Mark DuVal quoted in FDAWebview article: "Always Slow, in this Case FDA Moves at Lightning Speed"

  • Published on: April 27, 2017
  • Category: Firm News

DuVal & Associates President and CEO Mark DuVal was quoted in a follow-up FDAWebview article by Jim Dickinson, offering further comment on a situation outlined in an earlier article:

In part, the story is flattering because so much clout is attributed to our firm. In part, it ascribes more clout than we have. Two points: first, we are respected by FDA and, we greatly respect them. Second, if that helps our clients get their side of the story and the truth told then we’ve done our job. Our job is to take the facts and the law and regulations and persuasively present them to the FDA. We do great work and we are proud of it. Again, the results speak for themselves because FDA agreed with our position.

Always Slow, in this Case FDA Moves at Lightning Speed Analysis by Jim Dickinson - April 27th, 2017 View source
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