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Our lawyers did not come to us fresh out of law school with no industry experience. Instead, our lawyers spent years in industry in clinical, regulatory and quality affairs and marketing. We've been in the corporate boardroom, on the senior leadership team, in the plant and the laboratory, and we've sold product in the field and have been on promotional review teams. One associate spent eleven years as an FDA investigator in Los Angeles and Minneapolis. All of our associate lawyers went back to law school while working in industry to obtain their law degree. That gives our regulatory lawyers special insight, practicality and experience with the speed and needs of business and a deep knowledge of FDA.

Our stock in trade is our relationships with the folks in FDA. We work with the Center in Silver Spring, Maryland and in the local District Offices. We can give you "inside baseball” insights. We spend our days on the phone with, or emailing FDA, and we take clients to the Center to present and negotiate matters face-to-face or by call several times per month. And we've been doing it for decades. We have built our business slowly by gaining the trust of over 700 clients to date in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, nutritional supplements, foods and the like. We routinely speak and write, challenging and influencing FDA's thinking on a wide variety of policy matters, positions and initiatives.

Remember DuVal & Associates when you have a short-term resourcing need. Our associates can be your on-site or off-site solution when your legal or regulatory staff are on a leave of absence, or when you are taking time to search for the right long-term candidate.

Feel free to contact any of our attorneys directly through their individual profile page, or via the Contact Us page.

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